Top 5 Essential Gifts for the Holidays

As this is the season for giving, we thought of a few items that guys will definitely like.

  1. Pants with lots of color - From rich, warm reds, “martini” olives, to the new khaki. Great new colors that will modernize any blazer or pair well with a new sportshirt.

    We recommend: Corduroy pants (see picture)

  2. New kicks - For this holiday season, we recommend something a bit more traditional such as the penny loafer. It is a timeless classic that works well with a wide array of outfits.

    We recommend: The Alden Pennyloafer in cordavan leather and in cordavan color number six (see picture)

  3. Cashmere ties - We think cashmere ties make a great gift since they are always a crowd pleaser. We particularly like cashmere ties this time of year because it adds a bit of flavor to your outfit and adds a clean, look.

    We recommend: A custom-made cashmere tie (see picture) made up in Loro Piana’s “Pecora Nera” fabric

  4. A quality robe - For those stay-at-home winter days, relax in a comfortable robe. We think this is a great idea for the winter because it is warm, comfortable and ideal for the cold.

    We recommend: A custom-made robe crafted for cold winter nights or mornings (see picture) - monogram optional

  5. A new blazer - As we are approaching the new year, we think that this is an opportune time to update one of the most important parts of your wardrobe. A new blazer will not only make you look good and feel good, but it will be a big part of your “go to” wardrobe.

    We recommend: A blazer made from the “Extreme Vicuna” fabric from Dormeuil (see picture)

Wayne Glassman