4 Tips for Getting Your Wardrobe Ready for the New Season

Agree to give away the clothing that has not been worn in the last two years. If you haven’t worn the clothing in the last two years, you probably will not be wearing it this year. Here is some good news, There are many groups that would welcome your donations:
Simply google men’s clothing donations and select the group you prefer. Some of the groups you already know are: American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Vietnam Vets of America, to name a few.
Take an inventory. Think about your lifestyle and how your clothing works for all of these situations.Figure what you have, what has worked, and what should work.
Set up your closet by category. Put all of the suits together, all of the jackets together, etc. This will help give you a quick overview
of what’s really in the closet.
Monitor what you wear. Not only will this give you a better understanding of how different clothing works in different situations, it will also provide you with a guideline for new purchases to be made.

Want an acronym that helps you remember these four steps?

Give away G
Inventory I
Set up category S
Monitor M

Now go out and enjoy the rest of your life. Follow these four steps and you will manage your wardrobe beautifully.