Dress to Express: Ben Franklin Changes Suit

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.”  -Kurt Vonnegut

Whether you are Ben Franklin or a more modern-style raconteur, the goal is to dress in the way to best express your stylish precision.

Whether you are Ben Franklin or a more modern-style raconteur, the goal is to dress in the way you want, and Wayne Edwards Workshop wants you to always present yourself with the best look to express your stylish precision.

Our friend, and iconic Philadelphian, Ward Larkin has to embody the looks and style of our founding father Benjamin Franklin to play the part for his patriotic career. You will commonly see him wearing the garb of the 18th Century statesman, round glasses, ruffles, crushed velvet and a myriad of excellent advice.

But, when it came time for our friend Ward to give his daughter’s hand away in marriage, he needed to eschew his Benjamin Franklin alter ego to look like the loving and caring father he has dedicated his life to be.

To present himself in the proper light to accentuate the special occasion, we made Ward the “timeless” dark pinstripe suit to express his role as father, friend and classic gentleman.

To begin the custom suit making process, we sat down with Ward in the handsome lounge at Wayne Edwards Workshop, surrounded in luxe leather, sleek clothing racks and natural sunlight, for his consultation: we discussed the style of the event, the time of day, the location, the color scheme of the affair, etc.

The next step of our consultation was to explore the options pertaining to suit silhouettes, fabric patterns and color. All of these details are fully customizable and facilitate creating the appropriate image for the event.

We then took into consideration the size and scale of the pattern along with Ward’s own measurements. They say the suit makes the man, but in this case, the man made the suit!

When Ward escorted his beautiful daughter down the aisle on her special day, he was fully expressed in his dress; the father of the bride is a timeless role that plays on the heartstrings of unforgettable memory. His joy and confidence radiated throughout the event, receiving many compliments on his successes as a father and as a very smart dresser.


Wayne Edwards Workshop encourages men from every walk of life to take pride in putting their best foot forward!