Get Tan for the Summer

Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter in Quantum of Solace (2008)

Unless you are the author Tom Wolfe, wearing a tan, or white, suit is an eye-catching, unique statement piece, especially here in Philadelphia. A tan suit is for the man who wants a to look sharp for the summer; whether that be at a special occasion or for after-work drinks, or for any other situation that calls for a lighter looking suit.

We are not talking about the seersucker type of summer suit, long associated with the preppy, Southern gentleman – the kind that Atticus Finch might have worn. But rather a light tan wool gabardine, cotton, or my personal favorite: a beautiful linen. Tan is the unexpected twist that pulls you out of the blues and greys of winter; it is the sophisticated mark of a new season.


Pierce Brosnan in Tailor of Panama (2001)


Recently, Gregg Popovich, head coach of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs wore a light tan colored suit to one of his games. Though Spurs lost a 23-point lead against the Warriors, I could not help but notice that in his tan suit, Coach Popovich took the loss in style.


Gregg Popovich, during Game 1 against the Golden State Warriors (5/14/2017)


Maybe, you feel some hesitation trying something out of your comfort zone. New sartorial risks always take a little courage; but if properly tailored, cleaned, and well accessorized, you will feel confident wearing a tan suit all summer long.

What You Should Know About Caring for Your Suit:

Let’s keep it real: light colors show stains more than dark colors do. So, if you stain your suit, it is best to take it to a dry cleaner. Jamie McCormick from McCormick Brothers Professional Dry Cleaning offers this advice, “A stain that may or may not be easily seen sets in with age. Ground in dirt and soil act as an abrasive like sandpaper causing unnecessary wear of fabrics. Professional cleaning, stain removal & finishing prolong the life of the garment.”

Following the One In/ One Out Rule:

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal called “A Facebook Exec’s guide to Dressing like a Grownup in the Silicon Valley”. In it, Facebook Executive, Matt Jacobson talks about having a strict one in/one out rule for everything from ties, to shirts to suits. Meaning, if he wants to buy a new tie for the season, he must first get rid of an old one. He says, “No one would ever say ‘Oh, I saw you wearing that yesterday’ because that’s pretty much every day,” said Mr. Jacobson. “[That’s] the nice thing about having a uniform.”.

While, the summer tan suit does not force you to retire anything from your wardrobe unless, of course, it’s an older summer tan suit. Instead, it encourages you to rethink the pieces you already own and add new life to your existing wardrobe.

-Wayne Glassman