Rules for Men's Short Pants

Timeless Rules of Fit and Style Apply For Summer Fashion: Rules For Men’s Short Pants

Timeless rules of fit and style apply in the rules for men’s short pants & all summer fashion.  Men should apply the same consideration in choosing short pants as with their full leg length version.  If we consider them short pants, they take on a more definitive expectation on their look. Let’s not “short” the shorts: putting it briefly (!), shorts are here to stay; they are a more comfortable seasonal style choice.

Fit and Proportion

The goal with dressing with short pants is to stay cool and look cool; how is this accomplished?

Once again we must re-visit two of the biggest benefits to custom clothing: Fit and Proportion

Fit: The fit of the short pants must be on target. We don’t want any tension marks across the seat, under the crotch, and across the legs. With custom there is no compromise on fit.

Proportion: Also a key part of creating the right look. Generally speaking, shorts should cover most of the upper part of the leg. The bottom of the short should be one to three inches above the knee.


Men’s Short Pants Fit & Proportion Guidelines:

If you have shorter legs and a longer torso, you may want to shorten the length a bit.

If you are a little on the short side, you may want to shorten the length a bit.

On the flip side:

If you have longer legs and a shorter torso, you may want to increase the length a bit.

If you are a little on the tall side, you may want to increase the length a bit.

If you are big and tall: there is nothing wrong with wearing shorts.


Men’s Short Pants Outfit Style

Men’s Tops:

Knits: polos, long or short sleeve

Shirts: long or short sleeve (sleeves neatly rolled on a lightweight long sleeve shirt is a great look)

Sweaters: vee neck or crew neck, long sleeve too

Layer for comfort and style.


Men’s Footwear:

This is a great part of wearing shorts!

Leather shoes with NO socks. I’m thinking a penny loafer or a driver, maybe a nice lace-up buck too.

This helps “up” the formal quotient of a great, timeless casual look.

Leather sandals, of course.

How ‘bout the ultra cool fashionable “sneaker”.


Men’s Belts

Casual leather or cloth is good and the “no belt” look is good too.

For the “polo-phile’s" out there, maybe even a necktie reformatted as a belt.


Short Pant Fabrics

I am a fan of cotton; depending on how the cotton is finished, it runs the full range from casual to dressy. Cotton can be lightweight, reproduce most colors (not black), and dry clean too.  Short pants can be made in a crisp cotton, a washed cotton and a cotton blend.


For other fabrics, try a linen and silk blend or a 100% linen. These fabrics have an altogether different feel and can help create totally different outfits. Linen is a great fabric for reproducing color.


Pairing a sport jacket with a pair of shorts…

Yes, one can use the same fabrics but it is crucial to make sure that the textures are different. A seersucker jacket matched with a cotton short give a nice modern look.



Playing/Attending Sports: Definitely

Casually: Definitely

On The Job: Depends on your company culture

Dining out: Depends on the elegance of the restaurant

Wedding: Depends on the venue and style of the wedding, which can be understood from the invitation

Formal: Depends on the statement one wants to make


Go ahead and get some short pants to add diversity to your wardrobe.

Happy hot weather dressing!