Summer 2015 Style Collection

Featuring the “Look Smart Summer Sale”

Our Summer 2015 Style Collection features  looks to help you take the the time to take notice of the ‘gaps’ in your shirt collection! Inspect for frayed cuffs, discolored collars, and overall wear; the summer sunshine will betray your not-so-whites!

By recognizing the “holes” (literal and metaphoric!) in your wardrobe, you will be able to replace your collection that may feature a few worn shirts with a similar shirt styles. Or, take a totally different approach, and add a different type of shirt or shirt color and expand your wardrobe’s style options.

Our favorite shirt options to dress you:


The “Classic”

We are wearing white button down shirts in a lightweight oxford cloth fabric or chambray. Appropriate year round, the white button down is a summer mainstay to keep you effortlessly cool.

You know the summer outfits we are talking about; the classic white button down, paired with:

  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • and yes, even with a bathing suit!

Try putting a contrasting color thread in the button of a classic white button down to make the shirt even more individualized.



Color, Color, Color


The world of men’s fashion is all about color. These shirts wont duplicate what’s in your wardrobe and they’ll add a little fun to your outfits. The big colors for Summer 2015 menswear:

  • New Blues
  • Fiesta reds
  • Dusty pinks




We’re done with stripes, right?


We’re done with the multi-color stripes that Etro popularized a few years ago.

However, we still are interested in the classic stripe patterns reminiscent of  Brooks Brothers Summer 2015 striped oxfords: the classic stripe pattern is a shirt that feels familiar, but still has a freshness to it because of their new colors like aqua and tangerine.



Customizing a classic is the classy way to go!



Did we say Custom?

Combine the shirt design options and create looks that look sharp. Customize the shirt fitting as you like: pick the collar, the fabric, the buttons and even the thread for the buttonholes. (Atelier note: We take about 14 different measurements to create your pattern!)

Restock your closet mainstays: It’s SALE time!

Wayne Edwards Workshop is having the “Look Smart Summer Sale:   Buy 5, Get 6 SALE on Custom made shirts.  (sale ends 7/30/15)

It’s time to have a little fun with your shirts while saving some summer money.