The Value of Custom Menswear

Shopping in Department Stores leaves you paying handsomely for the comfort of buying ‘off the rack’ clothing.  The fly in the ointment is the value of custom menswear in the fit and price of the garment.

Don’t settle, create.

We’ve all walked into the big department/men’s stores/stores we all trust and seen the huge selection of name brands we all know; it’s a good formula for doing business and adds apparent value of custom menswear.

Where’s the fly in the ointment?

It’s the price and fit of the garment.

After having been a conventional menswear retailer most of my adult life, I’d never questioned the fit and the price of the garment. The clothing price was suggested by the manufacturer and all us retailers went along with their suggestion.

There’s a lot to be said for this type of pricing formula. It’s supported the merchandise, as well as the marketing and advertising campaign that went along with branding the merchandise.

Since “jumping over the fence” to the custom world, I’ve learned that the real price of the garment should be 20-25% less than what is suggested by the retailer. Recently, one of my fabric manufacturers showed me a retailer’s ad which used the same fabric and the same level of make as what Wayne Edwards Workshop offers. That retailer’s jacket sold for 23% more, for a stock size garment, than our custom garment.

What’s the take away? As far as fit goes, custom clothing and shirts offer a better value for the customer.

Spend a few minutes and stop in or make an appointment to visit Wayne Edwards Workshop and see for yourself what the value of custom menswear looks, feels and fits like.