Wayne Edwards Workshop Introduces: Spring's Light Denim Jeans for Men, Custom Made in 13 Colors

The style trendsetters are indicating that there is a little jeans ” fatigue” occurring and we are enthusiastic to discuss the evolution of Spring’s light denim jeans for men.  The global fascination and acceptance of jeans means we will probably never be done with them, but the look is being updated.

Jeans add a casual element to the  more relaxed attitudes of dressing; they are pervasive throughout all levels of style because of their affordability and functionality.  They are affordable because the purchase price can be lower than a normal pant, and the wearability is not limited to one or two tops, but able to create multiple outfits.

But, what about the elegance of a pair of well fitting trousers, particularly in the color grey?  For my money, the look and style of grey pants are hard to beat.  After years of ‘dressy’ dark denim, light washes are back, and guys can stay looking spiffy in jeans.

For at least a decade, men have safely relied on polished dark denim for a laid-back-but-not-loutish look. But inky selvedge jeans and raw denim styles—the sort that are uncomfortably stiff at first—are now so pervasive, we may have reached a saturation point. So what’s next? Brands like Calvin Klein Collection, Saint Laurent and even J. Crew are nudging men back into the light with paler, distressed jeans, an appealingly unfamiliar counterpoint to the sea of somber indigo. The challenge lies in making these faded jeans—which many associate with sartorial fecklessness—appear as polished as their dressier counterparts.

We now are offering custom jeans in lightweight cotton in 13 different colors!

13 being the ideal number to have:

– when offering a wide array of color options.
– for selecting from when choosing one or two colors for wardrobing options
– for picking a color that will work with a couple of tops

Custom jeans in lightweight cottons:  custom jeans in 13 different colors.
Custom jeans using ten different measurements:  this is the Wayne Edwards Workshop commitment to your personal style.