What Does Mashed Potatoes Have to Do with a Man's Wardrobe?

Menswear’s structure should be the opposite of shapeless comfort foods!

My daughter tells me that when her brother was young he looked liked mashed potatoes.  Now most everyone likes mashed potatoes, but as we all know, they don’t have much shape.

This tends to be the case of a man’s wardrobe. Very likeable to the wearer, but not much shape or structure.

At Wayne Edwards Workshop we know that building a balanced wardrobe is a process.  A process that requires an understanding of clothing and the role that clothing has in one’s life.

We have over 35 years helping men build balanced wardrobes.  Our forte is listening to our clients and  helping them design a wardrobe that accommodates their lifestyle.

We create a  wardrobe  “structure” that gives the client the best options available.

We have the best manufactures, excellent tailoring, and a desire to help you look (and feel), your best.

Give us a call to find out more about Wayne Edwards Workshop.

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