Wayne Edwards Workshop carries the finest fabrics and lines, which enables us to create the best looks possible.

Here are some of the brands that we offer:



We are consistently impressed with the wide array of fabrics that Scabal offers.  From unusual seersucker patterns and colors to super 150's wools mixed with diamond fragments, Scabal always incorporates fresh ideas into a flawlessly woven cloth.


Dormeuil fabrics are woven in a town called Huddersfield, in the county of Yorkshire, England.  The uniqueness to that area is the water.  The rainwater comes from the Pennine Hills and has the perfect pH balance for finishing wools.  This is simply known as the "Huddersfield Effect."  Dormeuil marries great artisan craftsmanship with newer ideas and colors as evidence by the new Dormeuil "Exel" fabric shown in the video above.

loro piana

Loro Piana fabrics are synonymous with Italian luxury and great color.  For us, it began in Florence, Italy at a menswear show.  We were introduced to Sergio Loro Piana.  Sergio epitomized the brand.  Graceful and sophisticated - just like his fabrics.  Although Sergio has since passed, his brand's legacy continues.



For Wayne Edwards, it started in an innocuous showroom on the second floor in midtown NYC.  Their friend, and Kiton representative, Massimo, had just laid out the most beautiful collection of fabrics imaginable.  "Try a couple of pieces" Massimo suggested.  With great caution, and deliberation, the order was placed.  The merchandise came in, and the rest was history. Today Kiton is regarded as one of the top lines on the world. Big things start with small steps.


We carry Finamore shirts because we believe in artisan products.

Finamore began in 1925 by Carolina Finamore.  Her goal was to create a handmade shirt worn by the neighboring Neapolitan men.

Today, Finamore is still worn by sartorialists, however, they now have a global audience.

The Finamore company is family owned and ran;  Paolo handles the sales and Andrea the special orders.  It's with their great attention to detail and artisan craftsmanship that defines Finamore


Since its beginning in 1934, only the most refined yarns are used in the Fedeli product.  With modern styling and luxury components, Fedeli delivers on its guiding principle; quality.  Wayne Edwards Workshop is proud to have introduced Philadelphians to the Fedeli brand.



Alumo is regarded as one of the finest shirt fabric makers in the world. With an incomparably soft and natural finish, using clear mountain spring water, Alumo has perfected their fabric quality which is second to none.

Drake's Ties

Handmade with English fabrics and Italian colors in London, England.  We are fans of Drake's ties because they help enhance the English aesthetic and Saville-Row philosophy; blending traditional and modern values.


Duret Paris